Coping and Creating


I will try to keep this somewhat brief as, really, we’re all in the same boat (or at least getting through the same storm on the same ocean…some people have yachts and some of us have, ya know, paddle boats and others are treading water gripping onto debris). For me, figuring out employment and feeling okay during this time has been challenging, but it’s hard to complain when I have such a supportive network of humans. For this post, I am focusing on all the gratitude I feel for the connections I have, even if they cannot include hugs.

Here are some projects that have helped me focus my melting mind:

I wrote a short “Missing Ingredients” featuring the directing talents of Michael Oatman, the editing skillz of Katie McGill, and the acting chops of Britta Tollesfrud and Leah Cardenas.

These actresses are just the best.

I have teamed with that same Katie McGill on a comedic (well…it’s fun to make anyway…) Instagram project: “Hungerbaiting.” It is such a wonderful gift to have friends that can also be collaborators, and so much more a gift when they are talented and have been in your life for approaching 2 decades (I feel old).

This is an organization of saints, I tell you.

I help lead a writing workshop for Project Everlast every week and if you don’t know about that organization…please support it every way you can. Truly a gem in Omaha. The woman who leads their programming, Schalisha, deserves canonization into sainthood at this stage. I’ve volunteered a few times at the Food Bank, and that’s another group of people that work so hard and care so deeply for their community. If you have money or time, both of those organizations have certainly made a place in my heart, and I think they’d fit snugly in yours.

Several amazing actors in town (and out of town) lent their talents for me recently to a zoom reading of an incredibly rough-as-hell first draft of a musical I wrote (thanks again Britta for lending music talents I do NOT have) . Other projects are on the way and in the works.

If you are having trouble doing anything right now, that’s so very very okay, too. I have days I can’t really think, let alone write. These are scary times we’re living in, to put it lightly. If I have hours or moments I’m pulling it together to work or create, or even just get out of bed, it’s because I have the ridiculous level of luck to have people in my life that love me into a better version of myself than I could be otherwise. Working on these projects and having these people in my life has helped me in ways I can’t really quantify. If you are reading this, I hope you have the same, and if not, I’ve got some room in my paddle boat, so feel free to reach out.

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